Stepharia Jewellery (stephariajewels) wrote in braceletwhoreuk,
Stepharia Jewellery

StephariA Website - Back online and open for business!

What everyone's been waiting for for far too long! The site is up and running again. There are over 130 new items to purchase including shawls, corsages, wall plaques, the last two Faerie Doors and tons of new jewellery items.

Everything is handmade in central Scotland and we take plenty of inspiration from our beautiful surroundings! We invite you to view the collection by clicking on the image or text link below!

Beneath the cut are a few examples of the items available on the site!

Love Letters Charm Bracelet

Pretty Peacock slave bracelet

Happy Charm Bracelet

Eglantine Necklace

Gaia Necklace

Rosewater Glade Earrings

Bookworm Grove Faerie Door

Black Cat Luck Plaque or Coaster

Finoula Faerie Couture Dress Wall Plaque

Cerelia - The Autumn Goddess Scarf & Corsage

Masquerade - Four Button Detail Scarf

The Orchid Princess Shawl & Corsage

Pumpkinky Corsage.

You can find all the items under "Shop" on the navigational bar.

That's a good display of a few items ... there are masses of items over on the site.

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