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braceletwhoreuk's Journal

~*~ Bracelet Whores ~*~
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Hi, this community is for all you bracelet whores living in the uk.... it is perfect for you if you enjoy making or trading bracelets. this community is cared for by Becca (tragicendings_@hotmail.com), so any queries or comments can be emailed to her!

This community was inspired by bracelet_whores, which is a fab community for trading, selling and showing off your bracelets! we aim to do the same here :D

feel free to join, or just have a peek in!

Rules of the community
1. If you say you will pay/trade for a bracelet, try 100% to go through with the transaction.
2. If you are sending money, include a letter detailing Username, Real name, Address and a description of bracelet(s) wanted
3. If you are found taking peoples money or bracelets unfairly, you will be removed from the community.
4. Do not leave your address on the community, only email it to people who request so.
5. Place all large pictures behind an lj-cut tag.
6. Place more than one picture behind an lj-cut tag.
7. do not direct link from pictures in this community
8. Do not steal icons/backgrounds without the owners permission.